Spahr, Davis Usher win 1st RGCR

Apr 5, 2013 by

The Rose Garden Circuit Race series got underway last night in Portland.

PORTLAND — Trevor Spahr and Anne Davis Usher took home the top prizes from the first of the four-race Rose Garden Circuit Race series Thursday night at Portland’s iconic park that overlooks downtown.

Spahr (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) finished ahead of Veloce’s Chris Palmer and up-and-coming Cat 3 rider Mark Porcella. Race promoter Steven Beardsley was fourth.

Davis Usher (Upper Echelon Fitness) caught solo breakaway rider Anna Christiansen (Ironclad-Yakima) on the final lap and then powered away for the win. Christiansen finished second, followed by Lelah O’Shaughnessy (River City Bicycles) and Stacy Westbrook (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling).

Rose Garden Circuit race #1
April 5, 2013

Senior Men
1. Spahr, Trevor (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage)
2. Palmer, Michael (Veloce Racing-Smith & Nephew)
3. Porcella, Mark
4. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers)
5. Nicoletti, Samuel (Gentle Lovers)

Senior Women
1. Davis Usher, Anne (Upper Echelon Fitness and Rehabilitation)
2. Christiansen, Anna (Ironclad-Yakima)
3. O’Shaughnessy, Lelah (River City Bicycles)
4. Westbrook, Stacy (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling)
5. Gould, Courtney (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling)

Complete OBRA results are HERE

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