Medlin, Tyrrell win Kings Valley

Apr 14, 2013 by

The wide-open roads at Kings Valley can make it tough for breakaways to get out of sight. ┬ęPat Malach/FILE PHOTO

KINGS VALLEY — Kyle Medlin (Soraz Racing-CAPA) and Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) took the wins Saturday at the 16th annual Kings Valley Road Race on rural Willamette Valley roads northeast of Corvallis.

Medlin beat Sam Schartz (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) in a two-up sprint for the men’s Cat 1-2 win, while Hagens Berman rider Colby Wait-Molyneux led Dwayne Farr (Soraz Racing-CAPA) and Josh Liberles (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) across the line to round out the top five.

Tyrrell soloed in 29 seconds ahead of Madison McKenzie (West Coast Women’s Cycling-Ninkasi) and 43 seconds ahead of Rachel Lee (Upper Echelon Fitness) for the women’s Cat 1-2-3 win. Lisa Turnbull won the field sprint nearly two minutes later for fourth ahead of Erin Glover (Sizzle Pie Cycling-Veloforma).

Kings Valley Road Race
April 13, 2013

Cat 1-2 Men
1. Medlin, Kyle (Soraz Racing-CAPA) 02:19:56
2. Schartz, Sam (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) 02:19:57
3. Wait-Molyneux, Colby (Hagens Berman) 02:20:18
4. Farr, Dwayne (Soraz Racing-CAPA) 02:20:18.00
5. Liberles, Joshua (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) 02:20:19

Cat 1-2-3 Women
1. Tyrrell, Leia (Ironclad/Yakima) 02:08:07
2. Madison, MacKenzie (West Coast Women’s Cycling-Ninkasi) 02:08:36
3. Lee, Rachel (Upper Echelon Fitness) 02:08:50*Cat. 3 winner
4. Turnbull, Lisa 02:09:41
5. Glover, Erin (Sizzle Pie Cycling-Veloforma) 02:09:43

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