Matt Lyons: An Introduction

Nov 18, 2013 by

Matt Lyons competing at the 2013 Mt. Hood Cycling Classic while riding for Hagens Berman. ©Trent Hightower

By Matt Lyons

– Hello. Welcome to my first rider journal here on Oregon Cycling Action. First off, who the hell is Matt Lyons and why is he writing here on an Oregon cycling website?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll lay out some things we have in common beside the fact that we both most likely troll on the newest Cross Crusade photos each week.

  • I’m from Portland. You too? That’s nuts! Don’t know if you’re lucky enough to grow up in North East Portland though, and if you are from the west side stop reading. This is for the East Side’s eyes only.
  • I worked at the Bike Gallery back in the day. What, you haven’t worked there? Well you’ve probably heard of it so we’ve got that going.
  • Some of my best memories riding come from racing the PIR short track every Monday night during High School. You may have not done it in High School, but I did.
  • I raced a Cross Crusade once. On a 36lb mountain bike. In basketball shorts. (Officially my first race ever)

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, but hopefully it’s enough that you now see that we’re practically the same person, and why wouldn’t you want to read about yourself every couple of weeks? Since we’re going to be reading this every couple of weeks let me tell you a couple more things about me/you. Obviously, I’m from Oregon. Lived in the same house in North East Portland next to Grant Park my whole life, up ‘till moving to Colorado for school in 2010.

Photo courtesey of Matt Lyons

I went to Central Catholic High School in SE Portland, but don’t get it twisted. My ass skipped church on the reg. I’m hard and that needs to be established. Born in 1991, ignore that my zodiac animal is a goat. I tell everyone it’s a tiger. My first bike race was the Echo Red to Red Cross Country race when I was a senior in High School. After that I was pretty much hooked. My passion for cycling was fueled by seemingly quick success in competition and the incredibly cut calves of my famed boss at the Bike Gallery, Shannon Skerritt.

Once in college I maintained an extremely drunk/outrageous lifestyle my first quarter in school. I Figured I needed to blow through four years of partying in my first quarter if I was going to bike race, where no fun is allowed, as my mom see’s it.

I’ve been racing my bike ever since. Managed to rack up Collegiate National titles in Mountain Bike Short Track and Road. The whole reason this rider journal has started is because I have signed my first pro contract with the Airgas Cycling Team, based out of Philadelphia and I just assumed there would be scores of people dying to read about my adventures.

Photo courtesy of Matt Lyons.

Now that we’re more acquainted, and hopefully you’re still reading, it’s time for the update. The last three weeks have been super exciting! Those three weeks officially mark my offseason, and what a wonderful time it has been. Besides the few days here in Colorado when it is 65+ degrees outside and I’m forced to get off my butt and go for a hike by my beautiful and intelligent girlfriend Jocelyn, there babe you’ve been included, I have been incessantly lying on the couch and when I’m not on the couch I’m in bed. God it’s been great.

Alas that has ended. I’ve begun to attempt to lift weights once again. Focusing on maintaining my T-rexish physic. And I’m moving into my winter break from school super motivated. Hopefully I’m going to be able to find warm weather and training buddies for the many hours of base that lie in front of me, but any way it plays out I am stoked to have the opportunity to race with and hopefully beat some of the best riders in the country.

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