Heaberlin, Christiansen tops in Eugene

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Ironclad/Yakima's Anna Christiansen scored the Women's 1-2 win Saturday at the Eugene Roubaix. FILE PHOTO / ┬ęPat Malach

EUGENE — Cliff Heaberlin (Portland Bicycle Studio) and Anna Christiansen (Ironclad-Yakima) took the wins Saturday at the Eugene Roubaix in the central Willamette Valley.

Christiansen got payback from teammate Leia Tyrrell for helping Tyrrell to the overall win at the recent Tour of Walla Walla, with the Ironclad duo coming in first and second ahead of West Coast Women’s Cycling’s Maire Osborn, Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care’s Brenna Lopez-Otero and Kristina Hughes of Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion.

Heaberlin finished ahead of Austin Arguello (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing), Dwayne Farr (Soraz Racing/CAPA) and Rapha/River City Bicycles’ John Walrod and Tim Reinhart.

Eugene Roubaix
April 27, 2013

Men 1-2
1. Heaberlin, Cliff (Portland Bicycle Studio)
2. Arguello, Austin (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing)
3. Farr, Dwayne (Soraz Racing/CAPA)
4. Walrod, John (Rapha/River City Bicycles)
5. Reinhart, Tim (Rapha/River City Bicycles)

Women 1-2
1. Christiansen, Anna (Ironclad/Yakima)
2. Tyrrell, Leia (Ironclad/Yakima)
3. Osborn, Maire (West Coast Women’s Cycling/Ninkasi)
4. Lopez-Otero, Brenna (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care)
5. Hughes, Kristina (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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