Fisher, Tyrrell win Baker City overall

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Leia Tyrrell won two stages on her way to taking her second consecutive overall win at the Baker City Cycling classic. Photo Credit: T. Kenji Sugahara

BAKER CITY — Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman) and Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad-Yakmma) seized the overall wins Sunday at the 2013 Baker City Cycling Classic in Eastern Oregon.

Fisher soloed away to the final stage’s summit finish and gained enough time to take both the stage win and the final overall lead from HPChiro-RPM Mortgage’s Trevor Spahr. Tyrrell relied on a dominant performance throughout the three-days, winning the first two stages on the way to her second consecutive Baker City crown. Tyrrell’s teammate Anna Christiansen, who won the final two stages, finished second overall.

Friday’s opening stage offered up a 115km loop with 814 meters of climbing. The course finished on rolling hills north of Baker City before a long, flat finishing straight. Saturday put riders through two stages. The 17km out-and-back time trial course with 50 meters of climbing started outside of Baker City before heading south down Highway 30 to the turnaround and back to the downtown finish. The evening’s stage 3 Tour d’Town Criterium took place on an L-shaped, flat-as-a-pancake course over wide city streets. The race concluded Sunday with the 164km Tour d’Horn, which took riders to the top of Dooley Mountain after 1,800 meters of climbing.

Mountains frame the women's field at the 2013 Baker City Cycling Classic. Photo credit: ©T. Kenji Sugahara

2013 Baker City Cycling Classic
June 28-30

Pro-1-2 Men Stage 1 Road Race
1. Brad Winn (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) 2:56:17
2. Trevor Spahr (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) @:35
3. Rusty Dodge (Shuksan Velo Club) s.t.
4. Dwayne Farr (Soraz Racing-CAPA) S.t.
5. Hugo Fregoso (Elite Protocol-LOOK!) s.t.

Pro-1-2 Men Stage 2 ITT
1. Trevor Spahr (HPChiro-RPM Mortage) 21:14.43
2. Zach Heskett (Montana State University) @:22
3. Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman) @:24
4. David Fleischhauer (Hagens Berman) @:26
5. Dillon Caldwell (Team Oregon-Laurelwood) @:31

Pro-1-2 Men Stage 3 Criterium
1. Stephen Bedford (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) 59:33
2. Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman) s.t.
3. Joe Baum (Team Steam/Garage Racing) s.t.
4. Hugo Fregoso (Elite Protocol-LOOK!) s.t.
5. David Fleischhauer (Hagens Berman) s.t.

Pro-1-2 Men Stage 4 Road Race
1. Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman) 4:25:55
2. Kaler Marshall (Kryki Sports-Audi) @:14
3. Hugo Fregoso (Elite Protocol-LOOK!) @:19
4. Galen Mittermann (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) @:28
5. Jason Bethel @:36

Pro-1-2 Men Final Overall
1. Steve Fisher (Hagens Berman) 8:43:58
2. Galen Mittermann (HPChiro-RPM Mortgage) @:36
3. Kaler Marshall (Kryki Sports-Audi) @:41
4. Hugo Fregoso (Elite Protocol-LOOK!) @:44
5. Steven Davis (SPY-Giant) @1:52

Pro 1-2 Women Stage 1 Road Race
1. Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) 3:37:58
2. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad/Yakima) @2:09
3. Kristina Hughes (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) @4:48
4. Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team) s.t.
5. Jennifer Burtner (Olympia Orthopedic Associates) s.t.

Pro-1-2 Women Stage 2 ITT
1. Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) 23:27
2. Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team) @:38
3. Heather Albert (Riverstone Women’s Racing Team) @:42
4. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad/Yakima) @:44
5. Alison Frye (Utah Premier-Ski Utah Cycling Team) @2:01

Pro-1-2 Women Stage 3 Criterium
1. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad/Yakima) 37:49
2. Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) s.t.
3. Heather Albert (Riverstone Women’s Racing Team) s.t.
4. Jennifer Burtner (Olympia Orthopedic Associates) s.t.
5. Kristina Hughes Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) s.t.

Pro-1-2 Women Stage 4 Road Race
1. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad/Yakima) 5:36:09
2. Alison Frye (Utah Premier-Ski Utah Cycling Team) @:04
3. Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) @:15
4. Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team) @3:27
5. Kristina Hughes (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) @3:34

Pro-1-2 Women Final Overall
1. Leia Tyrrell (Ironclad/Yakima) 10:15:41
2. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad/Yakima) @2:35
3. Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team) @8:38
4. Alison Frye (Utah Premier-Ski Utah Cycling Team) @10:30
5. Kristina Hughes (Hutch’s-Slocum-Co-Motion) @10:58

Complete results are HERE.

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