Walle, Winn take final Rose Garden race

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Brianna Walle won her third race of the series and the overall crown Thursday night at the final Rose Garden Circuit Race.

PORTLAND — Brianna Walle (Ironclad Performance Wear) won all three races she started on her way to taking the Senior women’s overall series crown at the inaugural four-week Rose Garden Circuit Race series Thursday night in Washington Park. In the Senior men’s race, Brad Winn (Team S&M) won the evening from an increasingly smaller breakaway group, while overall winner Chris Dubois (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) sat out the final race with a sore knee.

The characteristically erratic spring weather occasionally sprinkled the course during the evening of racing, with a heavier rain eventually falling during the Senior men’s event at the end of the night.

With series rival Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) racing off-road in Arizona, Walle set out solo after one lap of the Senior women’s race. Series runner-up Lindsay Fox (Athlete’s Lounge) quickly took up the chase, followed by Sorella Forte/St. HonerĂ© Bakery’s Emily Charbonneau, Ironclad Performance Wear riders Anna Christiansen and Anona Whitley and newcomer Laura Trace. Walle poured on the heat and gained a 1:20 advantage over Fox by the finish. Christiansen caught and passed Charbonneau on the last lap for third, while the Sorella Forte rider grabbed fourth head of Whitley.

Brad Winn won the men's race Thursday night in Washington Park.

An early breakaway got the men’s race off to a quick start as Winn joined Ironclad Performance Wear’s Jonathan McCoy, Veloce/Smith&Nephew’s Michael Palmer and Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing’s Brendan Treacy in a move that quickly detonated the small field in its wake.

As the closing laps approached, the leaders attacked each other relentlessly. Treacy was the first to pop off the group with about six laps to go, but he continued to dangle close to the lead trio. Disaster struck McCoy on the last lap as a slight bobble in a corner knocked him from the lead group, which Treacy had rejoined for the final lap.

Winn distanced himself from the others up the closing hill to solo in for his first series win. Palmer followed next, with Treacy hanging on for third. McCoy rebounded to take fourth, and Gentle Lovers’ Matt Mahoney rounded out the top five.

Rose Garden Circuit Race #4
April 26, 2012

Senior Men
1. Brad Winn (Team S&M)
2. Michael Palmer (Veloce/Smith&Nephew)
3. Brendan Treacy (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing)
4. Jonathan McCoy (Ironclad Performance Wear)
5. Matt Mahoney (Gentle Lovers)

Senior Women
1. Brianna Walle (Ironclad Performance Wear)
2. Lindsay Fox (Athlete’s Lounge)
3. Anna Christiansen (Ironclad Performance Wear)
4. Emily Charbonneau (Ironclad Performance Wear)
5. Anona Whitley (Ironclad Performance Wear)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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