Wait-Molyneux, Tisdale win Jack Frost

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Colby Wait-Molyneux scored his second consecutive Jack Frost Time Trial win Sunday. ©Pat Malach

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer/CMG Racing) celebrated his 18th birthday Sunday by grabbing his second victory of the season and improving on his winning 2011 performance at the Jack Frost Time Trial.

The race lived up to its name with cold, wet weather in the morning that eventually gave way to clearing skies and warmer temps as the day wore on. Despite the foreboding morning conditions, more than 260 riders in 25 categories lined up to tackle the early season test against the clock on the 12.4-mile out-and-back course that begins at Vancouver Lake Park.

Starting during the best weather of the day, Wait-Molyneux, who won the time trial stage of the prestigious Junior Nations Cup Tour de l’Abitibi last year with the U.S. national team, covered the course in 25:34, 19 seconds faster than his 2011 winning time of 25:53. William O’Donnell (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) and Jeffrey Pollock of (Portland Velo) each clocked the second-fastest time of the day at 26:07. Adam Kennedy (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) was next best at 26:38.

Sarah Tisdale (Sorella Forte/St. Honoré Bakery) had the best ride among the women, covering the course in 30:20, chopping 20 seconds off her runner-up performance the previous year. Martha Walsh (RAO/Imperial River Racing) set the next best time at 31:08. Brenda Spinney (Pacific Power Blue Sky) was four seconds slower for third at 31:12.

Jack Frost Time Trial
Feb. 26


1. Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer/CMG Racing) 25:34 *Cat 1/2 winner
2. William O’Donnell (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) 26:07
3. Jeffrey Pollock (Portland Velo) 26:07 *Cat 3 winner
4. Adam Kennedy (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) 26:38
5. Donald Reeb 26:39 *Men 30-39 winner

1. Sarah Tisdale (Sorella Forte/St. Honoré Bakery) 30:20 *Women 40-49 winner
2. Martha Walsh (RAO/Imperial River Racing) 31:08 *Women 50-59 winner
3. Brenda Spinney (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 31:12
4. Elise Huggins (Upper Echelon Fitness: Sports Medicine and Training) 31.27 *Cat 1/2 winner
5. Helen Kennedy (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) 31:33 *Cat 4/5 winner

“EDDY” Men
1. Spahr, Trevor (Ironclad Performance Wear) 28:59.00
2. Lorenz, Richard 31:35.00
3. McCracken, Ryan 31:41.00
4. Sprague, Cole 31:44.00
5. Stuck, Jim (Upper Echelon Fitness: Sports Medicine and Training) 32:10.00

“EDDY” Women
1. Love, Christy 32:31.00
2. Anderson, Sharon (Ironclad Performance Wear) 34:15.00
3. Mihaescu, Cristina (Ironclad Performance Wear) 34:28.00
4. Moore, Daphne (Hammer Velo) 36:25.00

Complete OBRA results for all 25 categories are HERE.

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