Wait-Molyneux sprints to Cherry Pie win

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Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer/CMG) leads Carl Hoefer (Team Oregon) and Max Durtschi (U.S. National Team) during Sunday's Cherry Pie Road Race. Wait-Molyneux eventually took the win. ©Pat Malach

ADAIR VILLAGE — U.S. Junior National Team rider Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer/CMG Racing) sprinted to his first 2012 win Sunday at Oregon’s season-opening Cherry Pie Road Race northwest of Albany.

All the fields were packed for OBRA’s first 2012 road race, which once again ran under partly sunny skies and mild temps. The 25-mile course consisted of an elongated rectangle with a steady diet of rollers on the front side heading north and a strong headwind coming back south to the start/finish on Palestine Hill. Morning races featured one lap. Afternoon races covered the circuit twice.

The breakaway. ©Pat Malach

An immediate two-rider breakaway animated the men’s Cat 1-2 race as Gentle Lovers’ Steven Beardsley and Washington rider Steve Wilssens (Bikesale.com) launched a move over the front side rollers and quickly gained a small advantage.

Beardsley and Wilssens eventually gained more than a minute on the field and stayed away until the last kilometer of the race, but continuous attacking and counter-attacking in the chasing peloton on the last lap whittled away their advantage. Eventually a small group of about seven riders peeled off the front of the field just before catching the two all-day escapees at the bottom of the final climb, and a hasty reorganization ensued before the agonizingly long dash to the line.

Wait-Molyneux, 18, jumped as the leaders came into the final uphill straightaway and stomped his way to a one-second win over Guinness Cycling Team’s Cliff Heaberlin, followed in succession by Cyclepath’s Ryan Carlson, U.S. U23 National Team rider Max Durtschi of Idaho, and Adam Edgerton of Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing.

Wait-Molyneux said the difficult  drag to the finish suited his strengths, even if it was a little longer effort than he would have liked.

“I didn’t want to jump that early in the sprint,” Molyneux said of his winning final effort. “But I was like second wheel coming out of that final corner, so I pretty much had to go. I like that climb. I definitely like races that finish on climbs.”

(Check out the PHOTO GALLERY from the entire day of racing)

Cherry Pie Road Race
Feb. 19

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Colby Wait-Molyneux (Hammer/CMG Racing)
2. Cliff Heaberlin (Guinness Cycling Team)
3. Ryan Carlson (Cyclepath)
4. Max Durtschi (U.S. U23 National Team)
5. Adam Edgerton ( Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing)

Women Cat 3 – Seniors/40+/50+
1. Running, Sydney (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling)
2. Bergh, Stefanie (Upper Echelon Sports Medicine and Training)
3. Mihaescu, Cristina (Ironclad Performance Wear)
4. Moss, Jan (Sorella Forte/Honoré Bakery)
5. Croy, Stephanie (Ironclad Performance Wear)

Junior 13-15
1. O’Neill, Keegan (Word/RCB) 15
2. Morseth, Henrik
3. Beggs, Noah (Word/RCB) 15
4. Clark, Ben (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
5. Elder, Gus

Junior 16-18
1. Ross, Kent (Word/RCB)
2. Hahn, Erik (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
3. Bailey, Killian (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
4. Zimba, Harry (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
5. Lee, Dey Shaun (Word/RCB)

Cat 3 Men
1. Farr, Dwayne (CAPA/Soraz Racing)
2. Coombs, Jesse (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling)
3. Medlin, Kyle (CAPA/Soraz Racing)
4. Hlavinka, Colton
5. Lang, Timothy

Cat 4 Men
1. Ehrman, Casey (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling)
2. Aske, Austin (CAPA/Soraz Racing)
3. Yale, Alex (Ten Guys Named Alex)
4. Hawley, Andrew
5. Stevenson, Luke

Masters Men 40+
1. Sargent, Andrew (Evolution Racing Team)
2. Kovash, Chris
3. Henry, Mike
4. Tresser, christian (Evolution Racing Team)
5. Goldstein, Scott (Michelob Ultra)

Masters Men 40+ Cat 4/5
1. Ducloo, Rogier (Pacific Power Blue Sky)
2. Gantz, Jimmy (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing)
3. McKnight, Scott (Team Western Bike Works)
4. McMurtry, Eric (Bellovaci United)
5. Royce, Thomas

Masters Men 50+
1. Nigbor, Jon
2. Raker, Bob
3. Slawtaa, John
4. Stone, Cal
5. Valls, Luis

Masters Men 50+/60+ Cat 4/5
1. Upton, Rick (Team Western Bike Works)
2. MacCracken, Robert
3. Harden, Will
4. O’Connell, Kevin
5. Rodgers, Ken

Cat 5 Men (A)
1. Russell, Jeremy
2. McCurdy, Ian
3. Fine, Alexander (Beaverton Bicycle Club)
4. Fitch, Alex
5. LaVeine, Andrew

Cat 5 Men (B)
1. Smith, Jeff (Upper Echelon Sports Medicine and Training)
2. Horacek, Richard (Stumptown Cycling Club)
3. Croasdaile, Patrick
4. Byzick, Neil (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling)
5. Herken, Ben

1. Gann, Stephen
2. M. Smith, Angela
3. Abel, Henry
4. Boyd, Melissa (Pacific Power Blue Sky)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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