Rough road forces BB#2 changes

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There won't be any crowded and fast downhill finishes at this year's Banana Belt. ©Pat Malach/FILE PHOTO

HAGG LAKE — Banana Belt promoter Jeff Mitchem said Monday that the second race of the three-week series will run counter clockwise rather than changing direction from week #1 as originally planned.

“After consulting with the officials and Wa County Road Repair, I’ve decided to keep the direction of BB2 counter clockwise with the same uphill finish as BB1,” Mitchem announced on the OBRA chat list.

Banana Belt #1 on March 4 and race #3 on March 18 were originally scheduled to run counterclockwise, but the upcoming second race on March 11 was supposed to tackle the clockwise circuit and its quick downhill run into the finish near the picnic area just before the start line. Roughly patched road repairs in the closing kilometers of the clockwise course added to the danger. Now all three series races will run counter clockwise.

The Cat 1-2 and Cat 3 men will each add another lap to their races on March 11, otherwise everything should be about the same as week #1, except maybe the weather. This week’s forecast is once again calling for high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s, but there’s also a chance for showers. Rain or shine, the racing will go on, and the series leaders (listed below) have two more races to cement or surrender their early advantage.

2012 Banana Belt
Series leaders

1. McElroy, Grant (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 20.0
2. McKinnon, Christopher (West End Bikes/Specialized) 18.0
3. Webb, Emerson (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 16.0

Cat 1-2 Men
1. Blackwelder, Mark (Gentle Lovers) 25.0
2. McCoy, Jonathan (Ironclad Performance Wear) 21.0
3. Braun, Mathew (Audi) 21.0

Cat 1-2 Women
1. Walle, Brianna (Ironclad Performance Wear) 20.0
2. Playman, Erin (Gentle Lovers) 18.0
3. Fox Lindsay (Athletes Lounge) 16.0

Masters Men 1-2-3
1. Browning, John (Evolution Racing Team) 20.0
2. Oliphant, Duncan (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling) 18.0
3. Masuda, David (Team Western Bike Works) 16.0

Cat 3 Men
1. Farr, Dwayne (CAPA-Soraz Racing) 21.0
2. Pollock, Jeffrey (Portland Velo) 20.0
3. Shingleton, James (Capitol Velo) 18.0

Cat 3 Women
1. Bergh, Stefanie (Upper Echelon Fitness) 20.0
2. VanValkenburg, Heather (Upper Echelon Fitness) 18.0
3. Charbonneau, Emily (Sorella Forte-St Honoré Bakery) 16.0

Cat 4 Men
1. Ehrman, Casey (Therapeutic Associates) 20.0
2. Brown, Darrel 18.0
3. Aske, Austin (CAPA-Soraz Racing) 16.0

Cat 4-5 Women
1. Dezendorf, Caroline (West Coast Women’s Cycling Team) 20.0
2. Glover, Erin 18.0
3. MacGraw, Molly (Vertebrata Chiropractic Cycling) 16.0

Cat 5 Men
1. #86, 20.0
2. Russell, Jeremy ( 18.0
3. Muller, Jordan 16.0

Masters Women 40+
1. Brault, Lori 20.0
2. Horton, Gapay Angela (Hammer Velo) 18.0
3. Moore, Daphne (Hammer Velo) 16.0

Masters Men 50+
1. Zale, William (West End Bikes/Specialized) 20.0
2. Nigbor, Jon (Therapeutic Associates PDX Cycling) 18.0
3. Stone, Cal 16.0

Masters Men 60+
1. Raker, Bob 20.0
2. Troseth, Steve (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 18.0
3. Buck, Jeff (Team Rose City) 16.0

Masters Men 4-5
1. Squire, Michael (Bellovaci United) 20.0
2. Kocher, Scott 18.0
3. Bachman, David (Portland Velo) 16.0

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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