Butler, Winter take Kings Valley crowns

Apr 14, 2012 by

Zach Winter takes the win Saturday at Kings Valley. Photo by Leonard Johnson / Hot Foot Photo

KINGS VALLEY — Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) found a way to beat women’s Oregon Cup leader Brianna Walle (Ironclad Performance Wear) Saturday at the Kings Valley Road Race, while Guinness Cycling’s Zach Winter took the win from a five-rider breakaway in the men’s Cat 1-2 race.

Sue Butler takes the women's win in front of Brianna Walle. Photo by Leonard Johnson/Hot Foot Photo

Walle has been nearly unbeatable so far this season, notching her last victory Thursday night by outpsrinting Butler at the Rose Garden Cicruit Race #2. But Butler wound thigs up from way out Saturday in Kings Valley and outlasted Walle to the line. West Coast Women’s Cycling rider Sara Fletcher came across the line several seconds later for third, followed closely by teammate Maire Osborne (Cat 3 winner) and Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care’s Brenna Lopez-Otero.

Winter followed teammate David Klipper’s victory last week at the Piece of Cake with the Guinness squad’s second-consecutive Oregon Cup win. Winter joined Rob English (English Cycles), Alex Wentz (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing), Scott Powell (Veloce/Smith&Nephew) and Sam Nicoletti (Gentle Lovers) up the road and then outsprinted the others for the win. English, a perennial favorite at this race, finished a close second, followed by Wentz and then Powell. Nicoletti came in about 30 seconds down. Andrew Boone (team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) won the field sprint for sixth.

The Oregon Cup continues May 26 with the Bend Don’t Brake Road Race in Bend.

Check HotFootPhoto for more pictures from the entire day of racing.

Kings Valley Road race
April 14, 2012

Cat 1-2 Men
1. Zach Winter (Guinness Cycling)
2. Rob English (English Cycles)
3. Alex Wentz (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing)
4. Scott Powell (Veloce/Smith&Nephew)
5. Sam Nicoletti (Gentle Lovers)

Cat 1-2-3 Women
1. Sue Butler (River City Bicycles)
2. Brianna Walle (Ironclad Performance Wear)
3. Sara Fletcher (West Coast Women’s Cycling)
4. Maire Osborne (West Coast Women’s Cycling) *Cat 3 winner
5. Brenna Lopez-Otero (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care)

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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