Varela wins PIR Tuesday Nighter

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Yahoo Cycling's Gabe Varela took his first PIR Tuesday Nighter win this week. ┬ęPat Malach/FILE PHOTO

PORTLAND — Yahoo! Cycling’s Gabe Varela took the Cat 1/2/3 win at the PIR Tuesday Nighter during the second week of the July series. Varela finished the evening with 18 points, two better than last week’s winner Eli Romer (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing). Guinness Cycling Team’s Cliff Heaberlin was third with 13 points.

In the Cat 3/4 race, Pacific Power Blue Sky’s Ron Sines took the top spot after tying on points with Team Cthulhu’s Byron Breeden. Cody Vergasi (Jens Voigt’s Army) was third with 13 points. Thirteen-year-old Junior Grant McElroy (Beaverton Bicycle Club) won the Cat 4/5 race ahead of teammate Adam Angert and Soraz Racing’s Austin Aske.

PIR Tuesday Nighter
July 12

Cat 1/2/3
1. Varela, Gabe (Yahoo! Cycling) 18.0
2. Romer, Elijah (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 16.0
3. Heaberlin, Cliff (Guinness Cycling Team) 13.0
4. Dengel, Joe (West End Bikes/Specialized) 10.0
5. Reinhart, Tim 8.0

Cat 3/4
1. Sines, Ron (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 22.0
2. Breeden, Byron (Team Cthulhu) 22.0
3. Gervasi, Cody (Jens Voigt’s Army) 13.0
4. Emerson, Mike (Capitol Velo) 8.0
5. Purser, Travis 7.0

Cat 4/5
1. McElroy, Grant (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 15.0
2. Angert, Adam (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 13.0
3. Aske, Austin (Soraz Racingg) 12.0
4. Johnsen, Nathan (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 8.0
5. Webb, Emerson (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 7.0

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