Tuckerman, Pennington win Hillsboro

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Alice Pennington took her second consecutive Cross Crusade win Sunday ahead of Serena Bishop Gordon. ©Pat Malach

HILLSBORO – Controversy hovered over the Elite men’s race for the second week in a row Sunday at Cross Crusade #4 in Hillsboro after Canadian national champion Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Shimano) crossed the line a minute ahead of Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts) and Molly Cameron (MetaFiler/Portland Bicycle Studio) but was eventually relegated to third for improper number placement, ceding Tuckerman his third-straight series win.

Relegation gave Aaron Tuckerman his third-straight Crusade win Sunday. ©Pat Malach

In the Elite women’s race, Alice Pennington (Upper Echelon Fitness) soloed to her second consecutive win with another dominant performance. Bend riders Serena Bishop Gordon (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside) and Heather Clark (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care) finished second and third, respectively.

The course at the Washington County Fair Complex about 20 miles West of Portland was pancake flat and dry as toast after several days without any significant precipitation. But what the course lacked in elevation or slime, it made up for with pounding straightaways interrupted by twisting 180 degree turns.

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Cross Crusade #4, Hillsboro
Oct. 23

Men A
1. Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts) 9
2. Molly Cameron (MetaFilter/Portland Bicycle Studio) 9
3. Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain Bicycles/Shimano) 9 *
4. Carl Decker (Giant MTB Factory Team) 9
5. Donald Reeb (Cyclocrossracing.com) 9
6. Shannon Skerritt (Corsa Concepts) 9
7. Leland Gilmore (River City Bicycles) 9
8. Seth Patla (Gates Belt-Drive / River City Bicycles) 9
9. Cary Miller (Gentle Lovers) 9
10. Michael Gallagher (Corsa Concepts) 9

Women A
1. Alice Pennington (Upper Echelon Fitness)
2. Serena Bishop (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside)
3. Heather Clark (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care)
4. Megan Chinburg (Upper Echelon Fitness)
5. Beth Orton (Team S&M Les Femmes)
6. Brigette Brown (River City Bicycles)
7. Tina Brubaker (Vanilla Bicycles)
8. Abra McNair (Showers Pass)
9. Aleaxandra Burton (Upper Echelon Fitness)
10. Megan Schubel (Sweetpea Ladies Auxiliary) 8

Junior Men
1. Sam Rosenberg (Hutch’s-Eugene) 45:17.00
2. Cameron Beard (Bend Endurance Academy) 5:44.00
3. Dawson Stallings (Bend Endurance Academy) 46:12.00
4. Javier Colton (Bend Endurance Academy) 47:01.00
5. Kent Ross (Word-RCB) 48:18.00

Junior Women
1. Susannah Hart (Camas Bike and Sport) 45:09.00
2. Taylor Tyynismaa 45:19.00
3. Hannah Hart (Camas Bike and Sport) 46:17.00
4. Emma Koenig 46:43.00
5. Kali Woodard 46:56.00

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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