Tuckerman, Bishop Gordon win Crusade 2

Oct 9, 2011 by

Aaron Tuckerman celebrates his first-ever Cross Crusade win. ┬ęPat Malach

RAINIER — Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts) and Serena Bishop Gordon (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside Sports) both took their first-ever Cross Crusade Elite wins Sunday as the eight-race Oregon series headed north to Rainier.

With the likes of Trebon, Sheppard, Babcock, Butler and Pennington battling at the USGP New Belgium Cup in Fort Collins, Colo., over the weekend, the podium’s top rungs opened up to a new set of contenders for series race number two.

Check CXmagazine.com Monday for the complete report and a photo gallery from the day’s racing. And don’t forget the Oregon.CyclingAction.com photo gallery.

Cross Crusade #3 Rainier
Oct. 9

Elite Men
1. Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts) 1:02:25.0
2. Molly Cameron (MetaFilter) 1:03:15.0
3. Shannon Skerritt (Corsa Concepts) 1:03:35.0
4. Ross Brody (Buy Local Cycling) 1:03:58.0
5. Seth Patla (River City Bicycles) 1:04:01.0
6. Donald Reeb (Cyclocrossracing.com) 56:37.0
7. Michael Benno (Veloce Racing) 57:31.0
8. Cary Miller (Gentle Lovers) 57:57:44.0
9. Patrick Means (Team S&M) 57:45.0
10. Leland Gilmore (River City Bicycles) 57:45.0

Serena Bishop Gordon powers her way to the win Sunday. ┬ęPat Malach

Elite Women
1. Serena Bishop Gordon (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside) 58:47.0
2. Tina Brubaker (Vanilla Bicycles) 59:53.0
3. Brooke McDermid (bicycleattorney.com) 1:00:50.0
4. Brigette Brown (River City Bicycles/Ridley/NoTubes) 1:02:03.0
5. Jill Hardiman (Team S&M Les Femmes) 1:02:37.0
6. Beth Orton (Team S&M Les Femmes) 1:02:50.0
7. Sara Fletcher (Therapeutic Associates) 1:03:01.0
8. Sarah Rawley 1:03:04.0
9. Alexandra Burton (Upper Echelon Fitness) 1:03:32.0
10. Susan Grandjean (Showers Pass) 1:04:36.0

Junior Men
1. Sam Rosenberg (Hutch’s-Eugene) 39:21.00
2. Killian Bailey (Beaverton Bicycle Club) 40:04.00
3. Trevor Schauer (West End Bikes/Specialized) 40:16.00
4. Kent Ross (Word-RCB) 41:19.00
5. Cameron Beard (Bend Endurance Academy) 41:44.00

Junior Women
1. Susannah Hart (Camas Bike and Sport) 46:40.00
2. Sharon Hart (Camas Bike and Sport) 48:39.00
3. Emma Koenig 37:33.00
4. Alyssa Hoyt 40:26.00
5. Kelsey Wilson (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 42:16.00

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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