Tresser, Levo win Monday PIR

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Christian Tresser won the first PIR of the shortened July series Monday night. ┬ęPat Malach/FILE PHOTO

PORTLAND — Christian Tresser (West End Bikes/Specialized) and Jen Levo (Ironclad Performance Wear) took home the top prizes in the first race of the shortened July Monday PIR Series, which picked up again after skipping July 4 for the PIR 100.

Tresser scored 21 points on the night to finish the Masters 30+ Cat 1/2/3 race ahead of teammate John Mitchem, who had 14. Galen Mitterman (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning) was third with 13 points. Levo won the Senior women’s race with 21 points, nine better than runner up Kristina Lackner. Sorella Forte’s Lori Brault was third with 10.

Bellovaci United’s Cliff Allen won the Masters 30+ Cat 4/5 race ahead of Calon Russell (Bridgetown Velo) and Eric Anderson (Pacific Power Blue Sky). Glenn Johnson climbed to the top step of the podium on the Masters 30+ Novice race. Andrew Nemecek was second, and Todd Hutchings was third. Robin Gumpert won the Novice women’s race ahead of Sarah Echternkamp and Michelle Gilpin.

Monday PIR
July 11

Novice Women
1. Gumpert, Robin
2. Echternkamp, Sarah
3. Gilpin, Michelle
4. Galambos, Nita
5. Chandler, Heather

Senior Women
1. Levo, Jenn (Ironclad Performance Wear) 21
2. Lackner, Kristina 12
3. Brault, Lori (Sorella Forte) 10
4. Lewis, Leigh (Sorella Forte) 8
5. Metz, Tamara (Veloce) 8

Masters 30+ Novice Men
1. Johnson, Glenn 15
2. Nemecek, Andrew 12
3. Hutchings, Todd 10
4. Meier, Eric 8
5. Wygant, Jeff (Highlander) 7

Masters 30+ Cat 4/5
1. Allen, Cliff (Bellovaci United) 15
2. Russell, Calon (Bridgetown Velo) 15
3. Anderson, Eric (Pacific Power Blue Sky) 10
4. Ward, Kevin (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 9
5. Loeb, Curtis (Hammer Velo) 8

Masters 30+ Cat 1/2/3
1. Tresser, Christian (West End Bikes/Specialized) 21
2. Mitchem, John (West End Bikes/Specialized) 14
3. Mittermann, Galen (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning) 13
4. LeBus, Joshua (Bridgetown Velo) 12
5. Bakker, Erik (GRTC Excelsior Netherlands) 8

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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