More Oregon gold at Masters Natz

Sep 4, 2011 by

BEND — David Zimbelman of The Dalles brought home more gold for Oregon Sunday at the 2011 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships, winning the Men’s 55-59 road race in Bend. Zimbelman also won gold in the time trial on Wednesday.

Mindy Simmons (35-39) joined Paul Bourcier (40-44) and Eric Martin (45-49) with fourth-place finishes. The rest of the Oregon rider results are posted below.

USAC Masters Road National Championships
Road Race
Sept. 4


Women 35-39
4th — Mindy Simmons (Portland)

Men 30-34
5th — Galen Mittermann (Portland)
6th — Scott Gray (Bend)
10th — Brig Brandt (Bend)
14th — Cody Peterson (Bend)
17th — Carl Hoefer (Portland)
18th — Clifford Heaberlin (Portland)
21st — Stephen Bedford (Beaverton)
30th — Nick Skenzick (Eugene)

Men 35-39
7th — Benjamin Thompson (Bend)
15th — Doug Laplaca (Bend)
31st — Kyle Wuepper (Bend)
40th — Lonny Knabe (Portland)

Men 40-44
4th — Paul Bourcier (Eugene)
5th — Michael Benno (Portland)
15th — Jason Tavakolian (Eugene)
17th — Bart Bowen (Bend)
25th — Steven Wright (Beaverton)
29th — Derek Stallings (Bend)
31st — Brian Seguin (Bend)
34th — Michael Larsen (Bend)
35th — Sloane Anderson (Bend)
40th — Maikey Lopera (Eugene)
41st — Matt Williams (Bend)
44th — Edward Micek (Bend)
49th — John Grochau (Portland)
56th — Robin Wessel (Tigard)
57th — Thomas Cody (Portland)
63rd — Richard Albrow (Bend)
71st — James Jorgensen (Eugene)

Men 45-49
4th — Eric Martin (Bend)
14th — Matthew Slater (Portland)
17th — Greg Canfield (Bend)
25th — Gregg Strome (Bend)
26th — Michael King (Bend)
31st — Tim Butler (Portland)
33rd — David Klipper (Portland)
39th — Scott Browning (Banks)
42nd — David Tsai (Eugene)
63rd — Chris Kovash (Ashland)

Men 50-54
6th — Doug Perrin (Bend)
16th — Scott Seaton (Bend)
32nd — Luis Valls (Portland)
35th — Doug Smith (Bend)
39th — Ivan Meadors (Hillsboro)
51st — Ambrose Su (Bend)

Men 55-59
1st — David Zimbelman (The Dalles)
21st — Evan Griffiths (Portland)
30th — David Jackson (Portland)
45th — David Bale (Salem)
49th — J. Michael Manning (Portland)
50th — Russell Morton (Eugene)