It’s Beardsley again at PIR Tuesday

Apr 19, 2011 by

Steven Beardsley followed up last Tuesday's win with another one this week. ©Jose Sandoval

PORTLAND — OBRA criterium champion Steven Beardsley (Gentle Lovers) doubled up on PIR wins this month by taking out his second consecutive Tuesday night race. Beardsley finished the evening with 21 points, six better than HP Chiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning’s Jason Riffle. Guinness Cycling Team’s Cliff Heaberlin finished third with 10 points.

Mystery rider #878 pulled off the win in the Cat 3/4 race, unfortunately he does not appear on the registration. Team O’s Jeff Brown finished second with 14 points. Brandon Macemon (Lacey Full Spectrum Racing/Jason’s Deli) was third with 13. Hammer Velo’s Ian Mastenbrook notched his second Tuesday Nighter win int he Cat 4/5 race, piling up another 15 points. Stephan Roberts (Cyclepath) was second with 12. Capitol Velo’s Antonio Castaneda was third with 10.

PIR Tuesday Nighter
April 19

Cat 1/2/3
1. Beardsley, Steven (Gentle Lovers) 21
2. Riffle, Jason (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning) 15
3. Heaberlin, Cliff (Guinness Cycling Team) 10
4. Ginsberg, Mark (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning) 10
5. Forbes, Brian (Team Highlander) 7
Cat 3/4
1. #878 (not on registration)
2. Brown, Jeff (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 14
3. Macemon, Brandon (Lacey Full Spectrum Racing/Jasons Deli) 13
4. Farr, Dwayne (Soraz Racing) 10
5. Smith, Matthew (Hammer Velo) 10
Cat 4/5
1. Mastenbrook, Ian (Hammer Velo) 15
2. Roberts, Stephan (Cyclepath Racing) 12
3. Castaneda, Antonio (Capitol Velo) 10
4. Selinger, Mike 8
5. Hartnett, John 7

Complete OBRA results are HERE.

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