Harwood, VanValkenburg at Monday PIR

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Heather VanValkenburg won her first women's Open race this season at Monday PIR. ┬ęPat Malach / FILE PHOTO

PORTLAND — Jeff Harwood scored the Masters Cat 1/2/3 win for Ironclad Performance Wear Monday night at PIR, while Heather VanValkenburg avoided a crash in the final straightaway and took the top prize in the women’s Open race.

Harwood finished the night with 18 points earned via hot spot sprints and the grand finale, five better than runner-up Scott Harman (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning). Recent Collegiate Criterium National Champion bronze medalist Stephen Bedford was third, also five points behind Harwood.

VanValkenburg (Diamond Law Cycling Team) earned 15 points for the women’s Open win. Newly crowned cat 3 Road Race Champion Jessica Kaplan (Therapeutic Associates/Sagebrush) was second with 12 points. Her teammate Sara Fletcher was third with 10. Last week’s winner Alexandria Schultz got tangled up with Sorella Forte’s Sarah Tisdale in the final sprint and went down, but both riders appeared to be OK.

Sorella Forte’s Anne Zoormajian won the women’s Novice race. Christian Sanai came out on top in the Masters Men 30+ Novice event. Ironclad took another win with Shaun Conley in the Masters Men 30+ Cat 4/5 race.

Monday PIR
May 16

Novice Women
1. Zoormajian, Anne Sorella Forte 15
2. Hansen, Mckayla (Therapeutic Associates/Sagebrush) 12
3. Marcoe, Suzanne (BuyLocalCycling) 10
4. Wortman, Inge (Verge) 8
5. Brault, Lori (Sorella Forte) 7

Masters 30+ Novice
1. Sinai, Christian 15
2. Carmean, Doug 12
3. Mantifel, Russell (Lucky 13) 10
4. Morrison, Scott 8
5. Lee, Yonsoo (Portland Velo) 7

Masters 30+ Cat 4/5
1. Conley, Shaun (Ironclad Performance Wear) 15
2. Blanton, William 12
3. Seelig, Peter (Dr Will Bar) 10
4. Russell, Calon (Bridgetown Velo) 9
5. Sutton, Alan (Cyclepath Racing) 8

Women’s Open
1. VanValkenburg, Heather (Diamond Law Cycling Team) 15
2. Kaplan, Jessica (Therapeutic Associates/Sagebrush Cycles) 12
3. Fletcher, Sara (Therapeutic Associates/Sagebrush Cycles) 10
4. Chinburg, Megan (Upper Echelon Fitness Women’s Cycling) 9
5. McDermid, Brooke (bicycleattorney.com) 7

Masters 30+ Cat 1/2/3
1. Harwood, Jeff (Ironclad Performance Wear) 18
2. Harman, Scott (HPChiro/Alpine Mortgage Planning) 13
3. Bedford, Stephen (Team Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 13
4. Wessel, Robin Team (Oregon/Laurelwood Brewing) 11
5. Tresser, Christian (West End Bikes/Specialized) 10

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