Echo Red to Red will kick up first Oregon XC dirt

Mar 8, 2011 by

Sue Butler won the Pro women's race last year at the Echo Red to Red. This year's race once again marks the start of the Oregon XC Series. Photo Courtesy of Shane Young / Oregon Velo

ECHO, Ore. — With a pilot car guiding riders out of town and onto a mostly singletrack course, the Echo Red to Red XC will see the first shots fired in the 2011 Oregon MTB XC Series. Saturday’s race in this small town southeast of Hermiston will throw as much as 27 miles at competitors in 25 categories. Evan Plews won the men’s Pro race in 2010, with Sue Butler taking the Pro race on the women’s side.

The 2011 Oregon XC Series takes place from February through June and includes a variety of XC (cross country) or Marathon races throughout the State of Oregon. Each of the 10 participating races will award points that will accumulate based on number of riders and type of race. The series will feature an overall points chase for each of 25 categories and also the very competitive team chase for the top three teams in the state.

#1. Echo Red to Red, March 12
#2. Hornings Hustle, April 10
#3. Peak Sports Mudslinger, April 23
#4. Bear Springs Trap, May 1
#5. Cascade Chainbreaker, May 8
#6. Spring Thaw XC, May 14
#7. Sisters Stampede, May 29
#8. Return of the Jedi, June 6
#9. Test of Endurance 50, June 19
#10. Picketts Charge, June 26 (finals)

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