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With just one race remaining in the 2011 Cross Crusade it appears the series will have two never-before winners in 2011. Both Aaron Tuckerman (Corsa Concepts) and Serena Bishop Gordon (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside) scored their first Crusade wins this season and have gone on to tie up the men’s and women’s Category A overall crowns as well. Oregon Cycling Action sent the two series leaders a few questions to learn a little bit about them. Check out there answers below.

Aaron Tuckerman has won four of the seven Crusade races so far this year. ©Pat Malach

Aaron Tuckerman has won four of the seven Crusade races so far this year. ©Pat Malach

Where you from? Where you living?

AARON: Blenheim, New Zealand / St Johns, PDX.
SERENA: I’m from the most incredible family; and now I am fortunate to live in Bend.

What’s your day job?

AARON: Sales executive At Hollywood Bike Gallery. Come say hi, but bring bagels.
SERENA: Ah, the day job. Yes.  My official title is Program Associate for The Conservation Alliance, a collaborative of outdoor industry companies that raise and disperse money to grassroots environmental organizations working to protect North America’s wild places. It is great to see some of our members partnering with the Cross Crusade, namely KEEN, Clif Bar and Yakima.

What’s you’re racing age?

SERENA: 23. Do you buy that?

Describe your first cyclocross race, including how you ended up there.

AARON: I think it was Pain on the Peak. Road season was over and I had some time to kill, so thought why not.
SERENA: My first cross race was the Thrilla, on a Thursday night in September; in a gravel pit in Bend. Renee Scott, kick-ass cyclist and amazing person, talked me into it. After a little bit of dismount/remount practice, I decided to give it a go. I was hooked, instantly.

What you riding?

AARON: This season I’m on Veloforma’s brand new cross rig. Stop by the tent and check it out; it’s effin’ sweet!
SERENA: My beloved Yeti is now hanging out in the pit because three weeks ago I got a new IBIS Hakkalugi; with a custom paint job for Sunnyside riders. It is SWEET!

Serena Bishop Gordon won both days in front of her Bend home crowd. ©Pat Malach

Serena Bishop Gordon won both days in front of her Bend home crowd. ©Pat Malach

What’s the secret to your success?

AARON: My cat.
SERENA: Still trying to figure that out…. Painted Toenails? Chocolate Cake?

No really, what’s the secret?

AARON: No really, my cat Pabst.
SERENA: Support. It really comes down to that. The people who have seen all my quirks and still support me. My team, Silverado Jewelry Gallery p/b Sunnyside Sports is incredible. Sunnyside Sports takes care of my bikes and makes sure I have them running well. My friend, Don Leet, is continually inspiring, teaching, and keeping me in check. My coach, Brig Brandt, is, thankfully, much smarter that I. My family who pull on their rubber boots and stand on the course tape, yelling at me, weekend after weekend. My husband, Ben, who amazingly, puts up with all this bike racing and usually has dinner waiting when I arrive home after a Sunday of racing bikes in Portland.

Most important part of your pre-race rituals?

AARON: Putting my shoes on and staying relaxed.
SERENA: 5:30am wake-up-call. Loads of Thump coffee. A three hour drive. Mad Alchemy’s Gentleman’s Blend and Raspberry Clif Shot.

Favorite post-race recovery?

AARON: A Deschutes beverage or something from The Pope House.
SERENA: Hammer’s Chocolate Recovery, blended with almond milk and frozen bananas – enjoyed straight from my Stanley Thermos….still cold after a drive across the Cascades and a day of racing. Oh, and some Frites.

What’s your favorite Crusade course? Why?

AARON: Alpenrose. There’s just something about it. History maybe, or the fact it’s the opening race of the series so everyone and their dog thinks they can win it.
SERENA: I have to say Rainier. I love that hill – and it’s where I won my first Cross Crusade Race….. But Bend and Alpenrose are right up there as well.

Best local training ride?

AARON: My commute to work or riding Saltzman.
SERENA: Bend to Sisters and back – on 80% dirt. Single track, fire roads, gravel roads, with a stop in Sisters for some re-fueling.

Which of your rivals would you like to see win a Crusade?

AARON: But if they win how will I?
SERENA: Rivals….. I don’t really like that word…..The ladies from Bend have been working their butts off. I would love to see Heather or Brenna win a Crusade.

How many questions was that?

AARON: Dunno, I blacked out once I started talking about my cat.
SERENA: I stopped counting, it’s late.

2011 Cross Crusade

A Men
1. Tuckerman, Aaron (Corsa Concepts) 140.0
2. Reeb, Donald (cyclocrossracing.com) 96.0
3. Cameron, Molly (Portland Bicycle Studio) 95.0
4. Skerritt, Shannon (Corsa Concepts) 88.0
5. Decker, Carl (Giant MTB) 78.0

A Women
1. Bishop Gordon, Serena (Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside) 130.0
2. Clark, Heather (Bend Memorial Clinic Total Care) 101.0
3. Pennington, Alice (Team S+M Less Femmes) 92.0
4. Brown, Brigette (River City Bicycles) 85.0
5. Brubaker, Tina (Vanilla Bicycles) 83.0

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