Blistering Times for Eugene Celebration Prologue

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Eugene Celebration's opening hill climb Prologue

Eugene Celebration's opening hill climb Prologue

Sunday’s Course Profile :: Image Gallery

Prologue Report

Rob English (Hutch’s) and Jade Wilcoxson (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) won their respective men’s and women’s prologues during the opening miles of the Eugene Celebration stage race. The course, a 3.1 mi stretch rising 800 feet, had a tail wind blowing the length of it, creating ideal conditions for fast times.

Rob English reported breaking the course record by 20 seconds, saying “I never felt that good, I just kept looking at my split times in disbelief.” With only 10 seconds on Nathan McDonald, English will feel comfortable having teammate Davis Shepard sitting 38 seconds down in third place. With English’s flat TT skills on par with his uphill it will be up to teams to use Sunday’s slightly modified road race course to dismount the leader. The women’s race seems a little less open after the stage with Wilcoxson leading by 45 seconds.  MacKenzie Madison (Therapeutic Associates), a strong triathlete, might be able to make some of that time up on Monday’s TT but will have to contest with tomorrow’s road race first.

Pro 1/2 Men

  1. Rob English (Hutch’s) – 10:16
  2. Nathan McDonald – 10:26 @ 00:10
  3. Davis Sheperd (Hutch’s) – 10:54 @ 00:38
  4. Paul Bourcier (Hutch’s) 11:06 @ 00:50
  5. Christopher DuBois (Team Oregon P.B. Laurelwood Brewing) 11:10  @ 00:54

Pro 1/2/3 Women

  1. Jade Wilcoxson (Flywheel Bicycle Solutions) – 12:20
  2. MacKenzie Madison (Therapeutic Associates) – 13:05 @ 00:45
  3. Martha Walsh (Echelon Gran Fondo / Zteam) – 13:14 @ 00:54
  4. Jenny Slawta (Land Shark) – 13:26 @ 01:06
  5. Cheryl Thonney – 13:42 @ 1:32

Eugene Celebration’s Stage 1 Road Race Course

- (One lap)
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Eugene Celebration Prologue Image Gallery

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