Bike racing is hard … so ask some questions

May 8, 2010 by

By Omer Kem

Master P and E Man have asked me to write a blog about racing, training, doping, and everything else. It sounded like fun so here I am. My experience has given me an interesting perspective on all of the above, so while my opinion could be entertaining, I think that opening up the public forum could also be a good thing. So, in saying that, feel free to comment and/or email questions about anything and everything cycling related to myself ( or the contact link for the website. Seriously, ASK away….

Here is something to think about during those long training rides. How does racing relate to training for you? Do you train to race or race to train? Anyone and everyone who races a bike needs to be confident in what they are doing. If you aren’t, ask somebody who seems like they know what they are doing. Questions are a good thing….

Till next time, thanks for reading…

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